Wednesday, January 4, 2012

..thinking about going to start...

In the spirit of the new year and new decisions/resolutions i thought i would post this:
Several months ago i had someone tell me that they were "thinking about going to start" doing something. Now i will say to preface this, she was serious- it was her serious thought about a serious matter. At first i just looked perplexed, as one would do when they hear something as asinine as that, then i thought that that sounded like a lot of work....thinking about going to start. Seems to me like its a lot less work to go ahead and get off your butt and start. Why go to all the trouble to think about going to do it? But, the more i think of it now- i guess it makes a little sense. i have so many craft and home projects in my head, supplies bought and just sitting there collecting dust in my i guess i thought about going to start them but never did. Well, not to get all Opera-y but i guess it is a new year, new you type of thing so this week i am going to start and hopefully complete (at least half) of those projects. i will keep you posted on how that goes and hopefully add some pictures (as soon as i figure out how) of some of my accomplishments. So, in closing- if you are thinking about going to start anything at all- just get off your hindquarters and go ahead and start it- and for the love of everything holy- dont ever tell anyone you are thinking about going to start something because it may end up the topic of some silly blog! ~but then again, i'm just a mom, what do i know?

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