Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh, for crafts sake!!!

If you are creative, crafty, bored, or a victim of the Pinterest addiction, then you are guilty of this!! It is the horrible disease called I'mnotbuyingthatcauseIcanprobablymakeit syndrome! You know what I am talking about. After seeing something you run to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns, or any local crafty store and start purchasing all the materials you think you will need! Knowing that you will never leave those stores with only the supplies for said project, you have now spent over $100. for something you may or may not know how, or EVER actually make. I am here to help! So, for crafts sake- spend wisely!! Do not make stuff that you want to make just because it looks easy. Only plan projects that actually benefit you. Do you have a clue how to make it? Is is a gift? is it something you can sell? (do you even have a place to sell it and does anyone else actually want to buy it or will they fall victim of the syndrome as well) will you put it in your home? If you started to reply with the word, UMMMMM...then do not spend the money on the supplies. When looking for projects, first start with your home. There are so many great ideas for home decorating that are inexpensive and easy....but only if they fit in your home. If your home style is elegant and classy, then maybe a repurposed canoe made into a bench is probably not going to fit in your dining room. Even if you find a canoe on the side of the road... resist picking it up. What you should do in this situation, is call me and let me go pick it up, because I do crazy stuff like that. Before spending time, money or gas, ask yourself those questions above.  If you really want the $10.00 wine bottle, mason jar, christmas light, modge podged, blingy chandelier but think you can make it...pause and much am I going to have to actually spend. Now, I suppose if you really want to buy 5 bottles of wine in the name of crafting, I am not the one to stop you...but- just suck it up and spend the $10.00 on the chandelier...then go buy the wine and enjoy it in the glow of your new chandelier.
My point is this- For crafts sake- if you dont craft, leave the crafting to the experts and keep them in business. You dont see us trying to do crazy things like accounting just because we can count to 20 by 2s, so just support us and we will support you. If you ever need crafting advice, call in an expert (we LOVE to give advice!!) before you hot glue your eyelashes to a folgers can. But~ i'm just a mom, what do I know!

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