Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on the juice fast....

Well, all I have to say to you juice fasters is "have fun with that"and "more power to you"! I didn't even last a day! I love the fruit, but you can take the veggies!!! i gave it the ol college try, spent the money on the juicer, bought recipe books and bleeechchh! I found it to be a little expensive too. It seems a waste to me to juice all the fruit when I would rather eat it whole. I am a little confused, and maybe i didn't do it right but anyhow- i am not juicing spinach again. I would rather eat the whole bunch raw! However, i did change my diet to include all fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch and a reasonable dinner with more veggies. I also quit coffee which i dint think i would be able to do.  That has been very successful in how I feel! I have more energy for sure. I don't feel so sluggish in the am and my skin is very clear. It has not helped with the insomnia, but that is probably cuz i turned 40 and my brain never stops crafting, parenting, or scheduling! I have found that i really crave the fruits and veggies now and i am not so tempted to eat crappy snacks during the day. i still don't drink enough water but i am working on that. I just hate having to pee all the time- it is such an interruption in my day! :-)
So, I have also started going back to they gym! I really want to lose 10lbs before spring break. I splurged on a super cute Betsey Johnson bathing suit so that is my goal! Working out is kicking my butt, but i do love the rumba classes and as my son says, "you gotta risk it to get the biscuit" It will be worth it....but I'm just a mom, what do i know!