Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ponytail day!!! aka~laundry day, cleaning day, messy craft day!

Tuesday is my ponytail day every week! It is the one day, that if you should happen to show up at my house unexpectedly (please, please, please dont!) you would find me without lipstick on!! (more on my lipstick obsession later) Today is my day that I plan to do everything at home. There will be no errands to bank, grocery store or even Hobby Lobby! I do not fix hair~hence the name ponytail day~ or apply any kind of make up so I am not tempted to leave the house. The day starts with the laundry for the week. Having 4 kids, I do 9-12 loads...however I have made this process very painless with one incredible, inexpensive product! The collapsible hamper! (see picture) On Monday evenings, the kids bring all their laundry to the laundry room and sort it into the hampers. If they screw it up, they are liable to have pink socks instead of white...not my problem....you put it in the wrong hamper. As the day goes by, in between all the other chores I do, I can do all of the laundry. I sort the laundry into each kids basket and when they get home from school, they put them away and return the basket to the laundry room so I know they did it. At the end of the day, all the collapsible hampers are put away in the closet and laundry room is tidy again. No unsightly piles of laundry in there during the week haunting and teasing me on a day that is NOT ponytail day. Voila- easy laundry! Now, since I am scruffy, in sweats, no make up etc....it is the perfect day to get messy craft or home improvement/decor projects done. No one wants to modge podge or spray paint in a cocktail dress, right?! Today, I am spray painting frames, painting a cute sign that goes over my laundry room (the one that will be neat and tidy by the end of today) and decorating my new "eclectic vintage" guest room with all sorts of vintage oddities and handmade coolness (not sure what that will be yet, but I think it sounds like I will get messy) If I have time, I am heading out to the studio (which is located in my barn) to finish 4 awesome necklaces that I started yesterday. I also plan crock pot meals on this day so I have the whole day for the stuff I need to do around the house and dont have dinner stress. By 10 am I will have a great breakfast made for the family (thank you Pintrest for the fun new bfast ideas... not to mention all the other things you teach me every day) 3 loads of laundry done, bedroom vacuumed, pot roast cooking, 1 episode of something that I have DVRd watched while I sorted, and my blog written. So I have turned a day of dreaded chores into a stress free fun day for me....as long as no one shows up and sees me looking like this! There are many ways to turn stressful situations into fun~ but i'm just a mom, what do i know?

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  1. I was asked where to obtain these fabulous hampers...fret not dear friends, you wont have to look far! THey are available at your friendly neighborhood WalMart for $3.88 each. A small price to pay for the happiness they bring to laundry day!!