Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chair Project

Well in the spirit of yesterday's post- i started some of the projects that have been sitting around. About a year ago I found this cute little old chair at a flea market for five bucks, but it was a little beat up and i didn't like the stain so in the closet it went....waiting for a day of inspiration. today was the day! yipppee for the chair! it found a happy home in my kitchen and i made the "junk spot" into a little computer work space for me. that did involve relocating the dog/cat water bowl that used to fit comfortably in that little chair hole. surely they will find in when they get thirsty enough.. Anyway, so I took the cute ugly chair to the garage where it met with a coat of burgundy spray paint. it dried quickly and i brought it in, just long enough to think i needed to add a few more touches. so back to the garage to the stencil and almond spray. (you cant see it, but my kitchen table is a green distressed wood (another fab find made over for $100) with an awesome burgundy and almond it all goes now. then it needed some distressing to go with the table and the awesome vintage feel that i love. plus since it was a vintage chair to start with i didn't want the chair to get a complex a think i was trying to make it look younger. so in the end, i have a cute little chair that I love...and all for about 8 dollars and 1 hour of my valuable time.  i hope it will inspire me to do my computer work at a desk instead of on the couch in front of Criminal Minds reruns. i think it is adorable~ but then again, i'm just a mom, what do i know?
ps- please don't comment that i don't care about my animals! -they have already found their water and are very happy with its new location.
pss- the other crafty thing in this photo: I had a cork/dry erase board that i stuck on that wall the year we moved in. one day about 3 years ago, in a hurry i jotted a phone number on the dry erase sharpie! horrors!!! sharpie does not erase! last week i decided that i was so tired of looking at Linda's phone number (i cant even remember who Linda is or why i needed her number) and i covered the white board with 2 kinds of scrapbook paper. it no longer works as a white board but is a very cute coordinating magnet board for notes, lists, etal......and i no longer have to rack my brain about who the heck Linda is.

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