Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting 2012!

Welcome to my blog! I have no idea where this will go, because I am not an expert on anything, but in  my years of being a stay home mom, a working mom, a mom of 4, and all that comes with those I sure have learned a lot. Some by trial and error and some by my pure genius! (haha) I will share stories or parenting, home making, crafting and cooking. So here goes......

The very first blog ever.....
Well, once again it is time for New Years resolutions....frankly, it seems like a lot of pressure to call it a resolution so I am just making decisions. I am deciding to be more organized, more healthy, and more fun! A great way to start a new organized life is to start with your closet:

  1. Completely empty the closet
  2. Sort through your hangers and keep ONE consistent type that will fit in your closet. If you are feeling very mommy dearest, toss all the WIRE HANGERS! The plastic ones are great, but do take up a lot of real estate so if space is a factor then use them, but make sure you use the same size. I love the ones from the dry cleaner because they are wider and do not leave hanger bruises on clothes.
  3. Arrange the clothes into seasons/ types (long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks, winter dresses, summer dresses etc)
  4. Put summer clothes to side- if you are able to hang them in a guest closet or attic closet do so now.
  5. Sort through the current season and all year clothes and make piles. Pile one=Will wear for sure right now because it is cute and it fits me and Pile two=I cant even remember the last time I wore it, it is ugly, it is from high school, I'm going to fit into it when I lose 20 pounds...you know the drill. Take pile two and put it in garbage bags and go put in your car right now. The next time you go out- take them to the nearest donation station, church, salvation army, goodwill etc. and don't ever speak of them again- they are gone! And for heavens sake, do not try to go buy them back!!!
  6. Now- take pile one and hang by type in spaces in closet. (work, casual, dresses, pants, skirts blah,blah, blah- surely you can figure that out) Hang them on the hanger where the hook is a BACKWARDS question mark. Now place them in color order- light to dark or ROYGBIV scheme (that is the artist in me) Now here is the VERY IMPORTANT step......
  7. HANG THE HANGERS BACKWARDS ON THE ROD. Backwards as in you have to hang the hanger from the back of the rod. If you have put them all on the hangers correctly, you should see the front of the garment. 
  8. Now- as you wear your clothes and wash them- put them away (in correct color coded spot) on the hanger with the hanger as a question mark. All your clothes will stay front facing out, but as time goes on some hangers will be forward and some will be backward.
  9. This is where you see the organizational awesomeness. At the end of the season take all the clothes that are still on a backwards hanging hanger and put them in garbage bags. NO MATTER WHAT! If you have not worn it in the past 3 to 4 months you are not going to wear it next year. It will still not fit, it will be even more out of date and you still won't like it- so GIVE IT AWAY!!!!  
  10. Now that the season changed- go get those spring summer clothes and start at step 5!
Voila- you have a neat and organized, stylish closet!!! Your clothes all fit and they are in current fashion. No more getting dressed stress!!!

So, now that you have started with the closet you can tackle other organizational disasters in your house....but at least you look good doing it! 

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